Frisbeegolf at Roparneset

Thursday 16th of June 2016 the Frisbeegolf course at Storjord was officially opened. Statskog has taken the initiative and put up a Frisbeegolf facility. They have also bought Frisbees in several varieties for rent. There are both junior-, lady- and seniorsets of frisbees.

Frisbees, maps and score card are available free of charge for rental at Saltdal Turistsenter and Visitcentre Nordland.


Welcome to an enjoyable activity for yound and old!



  1. Frisbeegolf is using fewest throws from start to the basket.
  2. You can play alone or in groups.
  3. All throws from the start, and then from where the frisbee lands at the ground. The man furthest awat throws first, and he may thows more than once if the frisbee still is furtest away from the basket after the throw.
  4. Show respect, don’t walk in front of someone who is about to throw. Don’t throw when someone is in front of you or at the hiking trail.
  5. Natural obstacles are part of the course.
  6. If it’s not possible/safe to throw the frisbee from where it landed, move the frisbee to the nearest playable area that is not closer to the basket. To move the frisbee count as a throw (penalty throw).
  7. The hole is finished when the frisbee is in the basket. The winner is the one who uses the least throw.
  8. Leave the course in good condition when you leave it and bring your garbage home.


Different frisbees for use at the course:

Driveren: long distance throw, frequently used in the beginning
Midrange: middle distance frisbee. Easier to control than the driver.
Putteren: for use closer the the basket. It flies shorter and more accurately, and it’s easier to aim with.


  1. Do not throw too hard, but relaxed.
  2. Hold three fingers under the frisbee and throw with loose wrist
  3. Stand sideways to get good swing with the arm.