Experience the magic Junkerdalsura in its quiet
location and its amazing surroundings.
It’s not just a nice place for botanists,
but for anyone who want a wonderful trip
along Junkerdalselva in the bottom of the scree.

Scenic Junkerdalsura

The trip starts beside Saltdal Turistsenter. From here follow the path down towards Junkerdalselva and further over the suspension bridge. You’ll now see a picnic area and an information board made by Statskog.

By following the path towards Junkerdal ca. 2 kilometer you’ll arrive Trekta. In Trekta Statskog have made a bonfire with benches, where you can take a break and enjoy the beautiful nature.

We highly recommend this trip.

– Trektelva runs out in Junkerdalselva by the bonfire area in Trekta. 

Wild beautiful plants

Because of its sheltered location, plenty of water and a limestone soil, Junkerdalsura has a unique lushness. You’ll find the special orchid “Marisko” and “Rødflangre” beside the path.

The flora in Junkerdalsura has a mixture of southern warm-hearted plants, along with numerous mountain plant. Compositions of plants in the area have for a long time triggered the curiosity of botanists.

– From the end of May until around 24th of June, one can find the orchid Marisko blossom along the path in Junkerdalsura.